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Café Intifada, An Intellectual Salon

Posted by Administrator on January 28, 2009

Café Intifada, An Intellectual Salon
Where the audience becomes the occupied and the occupier
Bedlam Theatre
January 30, 31 and February 5,6,7
Doors 7pm, Show 7.30
$10+ Sliding Scale, No one turned away

Meet Ghassan, A Palestinian man imprisoned on a regular basis by the Israeli military, attempt to dine in what would be a 5 star hotel if it weren’t located in the Gaza Strip, and lose your access to water for ‘military security’ reasons.

Join us for this unique evening of interactive political theater relaying the situation of life on the ground under Israeli occupation.

Taken from personal narratives, news broadcasts and one on one dialogue, the story unfolds amongst and with the audience, leaving no one unaffected.

Written and directed by Flo Razowsky with stage production by Josina Manu Maltzman, the Café speaks from the voice of the outsider allowed in for a glimpse.

For directions to the theater or more information, visit

Artist Statement:
As a Jewish person raised in the United States, I embraced my relationship with Israel from an early age as one of support for my ‘homeland’.
In my early 20s I was challenged to see the other side.
The first time I visited, I went to see for myself this reality of Israeli security needs and Palestinian terrorists. What I saw forced me to never be able to close my eyes again.
Since, I have spent years speaking, writing, presenting on my experiences in Palestine.
Café Intifada is a result of those years, a result of trauma accumulated from time of being an outsider accepted in, a witness to occupation, a Jewish ally to Palestinian resistance. Living with an accumulation of being a local ‘expert’ of the Palestine question and years of standing before an audience of those wishing to do well and myself, running out of a way to articulate it all.
My answer of how to stand at the head of that room and relive an experience that spanned years and tore my heart is Café Intifada, a safe exhibition of a serious matter, a fun glimpse into a deadly situation, a night to learn and be moved to act, a night I hope none of us will be the same for.
Art to me is something that brings up emotion, the more intense the better. I want to tear at the heart of the bystander, to affect as if one wears the shoes of those represented. I feel no need for neutrality, and believe it cannot exist in this situation. As a Jew grown in the US, I feel no need to be unbiased in presentation of my experience in Palestine. I believe there is no unbiased and the mainstream has presented the other side long enough. I am here to be a part of the balance simply by presenting the other side.


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