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Jews of Conscience & Our Allies Against the Israeli Government’s War on Gaza–SUNDAY‏

Posted by Administrator on January 11, 2009

Please see the press release/flyer  below for the Sunday, Jan. 11, 2009 demonstation outside the Sabes Jewish Community Center, organized  by the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network.

We all know that protesting outside the Jewish Community Center at an event that is very pro-Israel poses risks. In planning this event, we’ve decided to ask you to respect these guidelines:

1. Please no banners that reference Hitler or the Nazis. We totally support Palestinian and Muslim visibility at this event.
2. We will have marshals to line people up along the street before the entrance to the center. We are not allowed on their property, and there will be police present.
3. There will be hundreds of cars driving past us. There will be hostile comments. We ask you to refrain from engaging with people in the cars. It’s a set-up for escalation. If you feel threatened
at any point, please look for a marshal.
4. Please show up by 2 pm, so we can line the streets before the cars start showing up. Our press conference starts at 2:30 PM.
5. Our event ends at 3 pm when their event starts. What you decide to do at 3 pm is up to you.

THANK YOU!!!! salaam/shalom.









Contact:  Lisa Albrecht – 612 202 8994

Josina Manu – 612 803 3432


THERE ARE MANY JEWISH VOICES: Jews of Conscience & Our Allies Against the Israeli Government’s War on Gaza


Sunday, Jan. 11th, 2009

Outside the Sabes Jewish Community Center

4330 Cedar Lake Rd., Minneapolis

Gather at 2 pm

Press Conference at 2:30 pm


Minneapolis, MN – January 11, 2009 – Hundreds will converge outside the Sabes Jewish Community Center  at 2 pm on Sunday, Jan. 11, 2009 to protest the Israeli government’s two week old brutal strike against Palestinians in Gaza.


At 2:30 pm, a press conference will be held, featuring brief statements by:  Lisa Albrecht, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network -Twin Cities (IJAN-TC);  Ilana Lerman, Jews for an End to the Occupation; Ziad Amra, Minnesota Coalition for Gaza; and a representative from the Council on American Islamic Relations-Minnesota.


Lisa Albrecht of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network says, “Just as it is not Anti-American to criticize the U.S. government, it does not signify hatred of Jews to criticize Israeli government policy. We believe that there is not one monolithic Jewish community or voice in the world, the U.S. or Minnesota. By our presence here today, we are affirming the diversity of voices in our community. No one Jewish organization speaks for all Jews.”


IJAN recognizes Zionism as a political belief that has shaped Israeli policy from its inception. As a Zionist state, Israel legally privileges Jews over Arabs.  Over the past two weeks, we have seen the Israeli military conduct an air and ground war that has killed more than 800 people in Gaza and wounded over 3,000 – most of whom are civilians and not Hamas soldiers.


Israel is carrying out these attacks with F16 fighter jets and missiles provided by U.S. tax dollars. The state of Minnesota invests in Israel, and holds Israeli bonds. Governor Pawlenty has recently met with Israeli trade representatives to further the Minnesota-Israeli economic partnership. In light of this economic alliance and the moral responsibility that comes along, we demand Governor Pawlenty cut our trade and investment ties with Israel instead of financing this humanitarian crisis. We also demand that our elected officials call for an immediate cease fire and an end to the blockade of Gaza.



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