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Gaza Rally

Posted by Administrator on January 4, 2009

Pro-Peace Rally: addressing the Massacre of Gaza so that the killing stops

Monday, January 5, 1:00 p.m. Minnesota State Capitol, 75 Rev. Dr. Martin

Luther King, Jr. Blvd., St. Paul.


Support Muslim student initiated-rally. There will also be candlelight

vigil outside the Capitol at night, as well. In the words of the student

organizers, “This is the chance to truly make your voice heard. Please try

to be at the demonstration so that, as a community, we can: condemn the

attacks on Gazans, mourn the innocent lives lost and urge the U.S. to

promote diplomacy rather than violence. If we don’t speak up now, then

when?” There will be guest speakers present. ***PLEASE WEAR ALL

BLACK!!!*** Bring signs and posters with you if you have any!


We were asked to circulate the following actions, as well:


Sign the Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR)’s Gaza Peace and Justice



Forward the link to friends, family, anybody you know, Muslims and

non-Muslims alike. This petition will be referenced when CAIR-MN meets with

congressmen and senators to discuss the Gaza issue. If anyone is interested

in the congressional meetings, please email CAIR-MN at


Send an e-mail to President-elect Obama. Go to Make “Gaza”

the subject.


Send an email to President Bush: or call him

at Comments: 202-456-1111.


Ask both Obama and Bush what they would do if their daughters lived in Gaza.


Hundreds of innocent children, men, and women in Gaza are being wounded

and massacred by Israel’s senseless and brutal air raids on neighborhoods,

houses, universities, and mosques. Children walking in the wrong place at

the wrong time had their lives taken away, and their parents are suffering

with more pain and despair as an endless stream of Apache helicopters are

rained down on Gaza with no end in sight.


These people are depending on us to make a difference.


It’s time we do something about this.

It’s time we make our voices heard.


ANYTHING you do to make your voice heard can make a small difference.



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