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March on the 2008 RNC in Solidarity with the People of Palestine

Posted by Administrator on July 17, 2008

Call to Action:
March on the 2008 RNC in Solidarity with the People of Palestine

On September 1, the Republican Party will be in St. Paul, Minnesota for an
international media spectacle of the highest magnitude. More than 45,000
people, including 15,000 media employees, are expected to be on hand for
the 2008 Republican National Convention (RNC). Additionally, in protest,
tens of thousands of people will be outside of the convention. On that
day, Labor Day, the first in a series of marches to demonstrate against
the policies of the Republican Party will be held (for more information on
the large permitted march on 9/1, see:

The Coalition for Palestinian Rights, a Minnesota-based group of
organizations and activists in solidarity with the people of Palestine,
call on all allies everywhere to participate in the Palestine solidarity
contingency of the march on the 2008 RNC planned for September 1st.

We invite all those who are tired of Republican and US complicity in the
ongoing killing of Palestinians and the forced expulsion of Palestinians
from their homeland; we invite all those who are fed up with the
construction of an apartheid wall built on Palestinian land for the
purpose of dividing and subjugating Palestinians; we beckon all those who
decry the inhumanity of the sanctions against and siege of the people in
Gaza; we summon all those who are disgusted with US-made military
equipment and munitions, including cluster bombs, being unconditionally
awarded as aid to Zionist-controlled Israel; we call on all those who are
sick of government and media lies and misrepresentations regarding the
Palestinian people and US policies in Palestine/Israel.

Media, including such foreign press as al-Jezeera, will be gleaning
messages and stories from both inside and outside the convention center.
We feel that we can send a strong message to begin creating a better role
for the United States regarding the Palestinian people.

We are calling for:

1.Communication – Forward this e-mail to a listserv or any person who may
be of like mind: they may wish to participate in the Palestine solidarity
contingency of the march. Speak with people or send them an email now!

2.Plans to be in the Twin Cities on Sept. 1, Labor Day – If you would like
to reserve a free place to stay, you may use this housing board: On the 1st, the march will congregate at the state
capital. Look for the Palestinian flags and meet us there!

3.Palestinian support materials – Bring your Palestinian flag, a sign or
clothing with your message of solidarity; wear any or all of the
Palestinian colors (Green, Black, Red, White). Also, we will have some
signs available here.

On September 1st, 2008, we can deliver a new message for Palestine to the
Republicans and to the world.

The Coalition for Palestinian Rights


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